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Ittehad foundation aims to work with the women in the villages and believes that helping women develop their inherent latent potentialities would bring about a holistic development for the society at large. Women are worst affected when it comes to unemployment and poverty. Without any income of their own, they need to depend on men for anything and everything. If the men are also unemployed, the matter gets worse. Women empowerment through self-reliance and financial independence can be achieved by providing training, through which women can either start up something of their own or take- up a job. Ittehad foundation has set up a Umang Sewing School to make women self-sufficient and confident. Stitching garments is one job that remains till end of the mankind. Further, basic tailoring skills enable women to work from home, they can continue in their traditional role as homemaker and yet earn. Tailoring is something which women can immediately start right from their homes upon completion of their course. Donate Now
◆ Train a candidate per session for Rs 1500/-
◆ Requirement for Sewing Machine, Sewing Kits and fabric material for the School